Signs He’s Not Over His Ex

Is he really over his Ex?
Lately, I have been having a lot of discussions on this subject!

I think this is a big problem that is more common than most people think! It seems a lot of daters have been in relationships where the Ex is not put in the persons past, as they should be! Continue reading

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Is It Possible To Teach Good Sex With A Bad Partner?


Not everyone is capable of having good sex.  But, the funny thing is, everyone thinks they are pretty good at it, as well as thinking that they are a fabulous kisser!  I’ve never had anyone tell me,” hey, I’m really bad at sex”. Continue reading

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How Many Dates Before Having Sex?

For a lot of online daters this is a common question, since many people that join dating sites (like Plenty of Fish) only do it for the purpose of getting laid.  I’m not talking about just men here!  It happens on both ends of the spectrum. 
Therefore, it’s in your best interest Continue reading

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Secrets To Getting A Second Date With That Girl

Having a hard time getting a second date?
Here are some online dating tips to help you.

First of all, you have to be realistic when choosing a date. By realistic, I’m referring to dating in your league. It’s very important that you take the time to evaluate yourself.If you’re an average looking guy and you ask out a super model, chances are you won’t get a second date unless you’re very wealthy! Continue reading

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Scary Online Dating Facts

Looking for love?
Approximately forty million Americans use online dating hoping to meet their soul mate. There are about fourteen hundred dating sites that bring in over seven hundred million dollars a year and growing. 

Plenty Of Losers Exposed is aimed to make online dating a safe experience.
Why wouldn’t you protect yourself?
Surprisingly enough, most people don’t! I have collected some scary statistics that may change a lot of people’s minds!

16,000 abductions
16,000 Murders
246,000 of rapes

10% of online dating members are SEX OFFENDERS
10% of online daters are scammers
11% of members are MARRIED
51% are already in a relationship

That’s already a 82% chance of you ending up in a bad situation if you don’t do a background check!
Do you really want to risk not knowing who you are really dating? Were they married? How many times? Real age? Are they really a Doctor? 
Geeez, I can’t even tell you how many times I have dated a poser that said they were either a Doctor or Attorney and then the background check proved that they weren’t!
Plenty Of Losers Exposed’s Facebook page has recent online dating crimes and arrests listed. Check it out, you will be surprised!

What concerns me the most is that it doesn’t seem like anyone is really aware about the lack of safety on these dating sites. Most online dating sites, such as “Plenty Of Fish” and “” do not do background checks on their members. As with all social networks it attracts many criminal minds!  The reason a criminal would choose  an online dating site for their victim is because it easy to take advantage of lonely, vulnerable, people looking for love. It’s a lot easier for the criminal to cloud the judgements of their victims.

Do you know that about fifty percent of online daters lie on their profile?
I strongly suggest you do our unlimited background checks before going on any date! The problems that can arise if you don’t could be meeting a felon, a sex offender, or con’d for money. 

Men are at risk as well. They could be lured by a woman somewhere to be robbed, beat up, or even possibly kill you. Don’t forget about woman criminals men!

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Is Online Dating Just For Losers?

We can help!

You are thinking Should I choose online dating?

That’s a good question, because inquiry minds want to know! This is for all you new single folk, who are pondering online dating.
The first reason one would consider online dating is because you aren’t meeting anyone interesting in your every day life. Some of us are working too much and don’t get to go out and socialize as much as we’d like to. It might seem like a good idea to date someone in your workplace. Don’t, dating co workers isn’t cool (I will do a blog on this topic later ).
These may seem like good reasons to plunge into the online dating scene. But before you decide to give it a try I will give you some insight of the online dating world.

Online dating can be dangerous if you don’t know what your’e doing! When choosing this alternative form of dating I suggest you read the previous blog “Do’s And Don’ts Of Online Dating”. It’s good to have a some understanding of the online dating scene before Continue reading

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Why Valentines Day Is A Good Day To Break Up!

Ok let’s face it.. not every couple is as happy as they seem! If you’re pondering breaking up, Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to do it! Just act like it’s not even a holiday, act like it’s just another day. This will piss off your partner and start a fight so you can make an escape!

If you are with the one who rocks your world, then show how much you care for them!

What if you have been dating less than a month? If you are interested in the person you want to show them that in some small way. Men can give their new interest a small box of chocolates and bring them to a dinner or a romantic movie at the theatre.

Women can make a nice dinner, buy a little box of chocolates or plan a romantic day together. I wouldn’t get a card if you haven’t been dating long. This may make your date put on his or her walking shoes!

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Should You Buy A X MAS Gift After Just A Few Promising Dates?

Here is the question every dater ponders at Christmas time! Should I buy a gift, even if we haven’t been dating long? The key here is the potential of the date…This meaning you have a great feeling about the person you are dating!

If you are planning to see this person again close to Christmas Eve the answer is YES! After all, it’s the season of giving!

 The best type of gift to buy someone you don’t know very well is something meaningful, but inexpensive. If they have a hobby or a passion for something, incorporate it into the gift! Don’t over spend. A meaningful gift shows you really have interest in what is important in their life and the memory of that gift will stay with them. For example, if they are a wine lover, buy them a nice bottle of wine. If they love to read, a book is a nice gift. Definitely don’t give a gift that implies you’re moving too fast! Jewelry, perfume, ect. may be too much, too soon. In the end it’s the thought behind every gift that counts during this holiday season!

I wish all my readers LOVE and happiness and a safe ” MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

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Another Plenty Of Fish Arrest


A man is facing charges for raping a woman he’d just met through an on-line dating website.

Cleveland Police sex crimes investigators have started filing charges against Jeffrey Redden.

Court records show Redden met a woman on a dating website called Plenty of Fish, they got together near Fulton and Carlyle in Cleveland. Continue reading

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